StarCast Tea is organically designed to aid and promote the Health and Wellness of Singers and Public Speakers all over the world.

With Vocal Health and Maintenance as the #1 initiative, StarCast Tea also targets the complete mind, body, and spiritual wellness of Singers (entertainers, actors/actresses, spoken word artists) and Public speakers.

Tiffany Ghent, Founder and Creator of StarCast Tea, has been in the Business of Music & Entertainment and traveled the world as a singer- songwriter, musician and entertainer for over 15 years.

Having been born and raised in a family of legendary singers, performers, and musicians, Tiffany discovered the need to support her family and industry peers with Health and Wellness products to combat the physical and mental wear and tear that the business of music and entertainment may impose.

Achieving an MBA in International Business and partnering with TeaBrew Farm as the manufacturer of this dynamic product, has opened the door to present StarCast Tea to singers and public speakers in every country.

Get your Star Health and Wellness support today with StarCast Tea.

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Medicinal Teas

StarCast Tea Medicinal tea selection contains a blend of organically​ grown tea and herbs with dynamic healing properties. Say goodbye to headaches, insomnia or combat the cold and flu virus with StarCast Tea’s top shelf medicinal selection.

Herbal Teas

If you are a Singer, Public Speaker or in a business that requires you to spend much time speaking or entertaining, we’ve got just the tea you need to help you to sustain.  Whether it’s for vocal healing and care or just the need to relax an over-the-counter mind, select the finest of naturally grown herbs blended with both caffeinated or decaffeinated tea just for you! StarCast Herbal Teas can be used daily for supplementing a rigorous schedule. Try at least one StarCast Herbal Tea today!

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