Bundle Me Up: Immune Health & Wealth (Platinum Plus Kit)


This Platinum Health & Wealth Kit contains:

  1. 2 oz. of Organic  “IMM.U.N.I.T.Y That’s Immunity” Tea
  2. 2.oz of  Organic “Can You Stand the Rain” Tea
  3. 2 oz. of  Organic “Let Me Clear My” Tea
  4. 4.oz. of Non-GMO “Ginger Throat Drops”
  5. “Rock Me Baby” Sugar Rock Stirrers
  6. 2.oz. of “The Beats”  Non-GMO beet sugar rocks
  7. Personal Tea Strainer

With Samples of: Poetic Jus-Tea and surprise samples of two new StarCast Tea’s on the way!!! We hope you like!!!



What you’ve been waiting for is finally HERE!!!!  Bundle up with the perfect combination of Immune Defense Teas to get you through the winter season.



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