Meet Our Coaches

Dear Star!  My Team and I are here to help you SHOW the WORLD what we know lies deep down inside of you! If you are a Singer, Musician, Band, Dancer, Spoken Word or Rap Artist, we are ready to help you reach for your STAR!

I have worked in the Business of Music & Entertainment and have traveled the world as a singer- songwriter, musician and entertainer for over 15 years…and to top it off I am less than 6 months away from earning an MBA in International Business! Yes! I’ve been super busy!  However, it’s for the gifts that I have been waiting so long to share with YOU!  I was born in a family of legendary musicians and have worked with the greatest singers, performers, and musicians who have all left behind a little StarDust that has empowered my own Art and encouraged me to create a platform for YOU to become the ultimate Performing Artist. Are You Ready to show the world that you’re the Next Big Star? Let’s Get Started Today…there is much work to do!